Business is an optional subject in our school which means that you can choose either to take it or not take from first year.

If you want to find out what business involves for the Junior Cert please click here.

General introduction to this subject at Leaving Certificate level

For the Leaving Cert the subject deals with the formation, running and financing of business and relevant legislation, as well as services like banking, transport, taxation and semi-state organisations.  An excellent foundation for a business aspect to careers. Useful for business, banking, secretarial, accounting, hotel management, purchasing, sales, marketing, taxation law, administration and stock-broking.

Similarities/differences between Junior & Senior Cycle.

Similarities:  Topics such as Insurance, Banking, Marketing are continued in more detail.

Differences: No accounting except for financial ratio analysis.

What are the main topics/themes covered in the Leaving Cert syllabus?

Enterprise Management, Starting a Business, Government legislation which affects consumers and employees, European Union, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Trade, Business and the Economy, Business Organisations. There is a mathematical element e.g. taxation, calculations/graphs.

How is the subject examined at the end of the course?

Higher Level: 3 hour written paper.

Ordinary Level: 2.5 hour written paper.

What other school subject is it linked to at Leaving Cert?

Accounting, and to a lesser degree Home Economics and Geography

What type of skills will it help develop?

Communication skills, financial skills, planning skills and enterprise skills

What do students like about it?

Students willing to work hard can do very well in it. There are some interesting topics which students can relate to everyday living.

What might students find challenging about it?

There is a lot of learning involved in the subject.