CSPE is a junior cycle course designed to promote Active Citizenship in young students. The central concerns of CSPE are to prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship, develop their personal and social confidence and to contribute to their moral development. The course is divided into seven concepts that are studied over three years. The concepts are as follows:

·         Human dignity

·         Stewardship

·         Development

·         Democracy

·         Law

·         Interdependence

C.S.P.E. Assessment:
The junior certificate CSPE exam is divided into two sections, a written paper worth 40% and an action project worth 60%. The purpose of the action project is to ensure that students develop skills in research and discovery. They also learn to work as part of a team with fellow peers. The project has to relate to an element associated with one of the seven concepts. Projects are completed in third year with the assistance of the C.S.P.E teacher. They are usually due in April depending on dates decided by the Department of Education.

Sample C.S.P.E. Projects completed by Deerpark students:

·         Students in the past have raised awareness around bullying and have invited speakers in from the ISPCC.

·         In recent years students opted to focus on the issue of the referendum and general elections. Local Councillor Mick Finn visited classes to offer information on the referendum/local election and assisted students with the PR method of counting votes.

·         The local JLO has given a talk to the students on the issue of criminal activity.

·         A speaker from Irish guide dogs association visited third year classes. This proved very popular with students as they got to interact with trained dogs.

·         Others have gone on trips to the local Garda station and court house.

Useful websites:

·         http://www.actonline.ie

·         http://www.cspe.tv

·         http://www.cspeteachers.ie

If you would like to learn more about CSPE for the Junior Cycle please click here.