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For Leaving Certificate geography is concerned with the interrelationships between human activities and the physical world. This covers physical, socio-economic and European geography as well as map work and field studies. Regarded as a science related subject. Useful for careers in construction, civil engineering, marine/navy, aviation, agriculture, geology, tourism and many more. Similar to Junior Cert but a lot more detail required for Leaving Cert.

What are the main topics/themes covered in the Leaving Cert syllabus?

There are three sections in the core:

Regional geography: Studying various regions in Ireland, Europe and the world.

Physical geography: Studying plate tectonics, rocks and landforms.

Field work: Involving a field trip and writing up the results of the investigation in a report booklet (20% of Leaving Cert marks and completed in advance of the LC).

In the remaining areas of the course students study Economic Geography involving studying the EU and its implications for Ireland. Higher Level students also do Geoecology—Soils and Biomes (Ecosystems)


2 hours and 50 minutes exam

What other school subjects is it linked to at Leaving Cert?

Biology, History, Business and Maths

What type of skills will it help develop?

Presentation skills, interpretation of maps, photographs, charts, diagrams, graphs, interpretation and analysis of data, use of geographical equipment (e.g. clinometer) for fieldwork.

What do students like about it?

Most parts of the course seem familiar, being closely linked to Junior Cert.  It is very relevant to the world around us, thus making it interesting. Answers are not required to be essay style, with the exception of Geoecology which is for HL student only. A good command of the English language is an advantage. Fieldwork is interesting to do. There is great choice with regard to the selection of questions to do in the LC examination.

What might students find challenging about it?

A lot of learning. Many charts, maps and diagrams to understand. Students might find it hard to adjust to having five periods a week, often doubles, instead of three periods as in JC. Students often find it difficult to appreciate that for LC Geography there is a greater in-depth knowledge and detail required.