Materials Technology Wood

Materials Technology Wood is now the name for the subject which in the past was known as Woodwork.

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At Leaving Cert this subject is known as Construction Studies.

General introduction to the subject at Leaving Cert

Involves practical skills (project) as well as knowledge in construction technology, materials and practices, relating primarily (but not exclusively) to domestic building and includes purchases, mortgages and history of buildings.  Useful for careers in construction, trades, carpentry, civil/structural engineering, design, quantity-surveying, property economics, town planning, housing management, fire fighting and insurance.

Similarities and Differences between Junior Cert and Leaving Cert

Much more theory work compared to the Junior Cert. A lot of time is still allocated to practical work but it is worth less marks. The majority of the content in the course deals with building a house from planning stage to finishing.

Main topics covered by the course in Leaving Cert syllabus





Electrical Work


Health and Safety


How is the course assessed?

Theory exam worth 60%

Practical project and portfolio worth 20%

Four hour practical exam in May of Y6 worth 20%


What skills are needed for this subject?

Junior Cert woodwork would benefit a student but is not necessary though it will make the subject more difficult not having the practical skills. If a pupil is willing to work hard the subject may be taken up for the Leaving Cert but this is a decision for the teacher. A general knowledge of the workings of different tools is necessary.


What students like about the subject

More freedom in class whilst doing practical work. Students very much relate to the content of the course.


What students may find challenging about the subject

The time pressure for the practical work and designing projects may prove more difficult for some students.