About us

Deerpark CBS might best be characterised as the small school with the big heart! We have a long and proud tradition of educating boys and young men in Cork and to this day we continue on this work in the spirit in which it was begun by our school’s founder, Blessed Edmund Rice.

We aim to provide individual care and attention to each one of our students and whilst academic achievement is important we also emphasise that the holistic development of  students is equally as important.

We want our students to leave the school with a good education but also with an awareness of their talents and their responsibilities. We emphasise the idea of community and of service and of the value and worth of each individual.

Our school participates in the DEIS initiative which means that it is committed to overcome the barriers that many students can experience in their efforts to progress in the education system. Such barriers can be financial, family and health related, social/communal, cultural and geographic or a combination of any of these.

If you would like to learn more about DEIS then please click here.


Why choose us

Picking a second level school for your child is an important decision – both for you and your child. What we, at Deerpark CBS, want is for you to make the best decision for both you and your son. Therefore, before considering why you might send your son to our school it might be worth reading the following links which outline some of the factors to be taken into account.

The National Parents Council (Post Primary) and the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland (ASTI) have produced a very good booklet covering many aspects of second level schooling so click here if you wish to read this.

The move from primary school to secondary school can be full of challenges and fears for both parents and children. There is a good article here on preparing for and making the move.

The reasons for considering sending your son to our school might include the following:

  • We welcome applications from all students and offer mixed ability classes.
  • We have small class sizes resulting in more individual attention.
  • We cater for a very broad spectrum of student abilities.
  • We have a strong tradition of care and concern allied to making sure individuals are given personal attention and we place great emphasis on pastoral care.
  • We encourage students to take personal responsibility for themselves, for their actions and their learning.
  • We have a range of supports in place for students that are not available in other schools.


The most important thing

In Deerpark we believe that the most important thing in the education of your son in our school is that they learn, that they are happy and that they can be themselves. We also believe that it is really important that school and parents work together to achieve this and that is why we place a strong emphasis on communication with parents. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to express their concerns, whatever they might be, to us and we will do our best to respond to those concerns.


Testimonials from past pupils

(These will be posted here shortly)