Board of Management

Deerpark CBS is a member of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust. A board of management runs the school on behalf of the Trust. There are eight members of the board of management; four members appointed by the trustees, together with two teacher representatives and two parent representatives.

The board sits for a period of three years and the current board came into being in October 2013. It will serve until September 2016. The chairperson is a trustee representative.

The board meets almost every month, excepting the summer, and is responsible for every aspect of the school, from finances, to appointing staff, to developing and passing policies.
Board of management meetings are held in the school. The principal, Mr Kevin Barry, acts as Secretary to the Board, but is not a member and has no voting rights.

The current board of management consists of the following members:

Nominees of ERST:

Mr Ger Looney (Chairperson)

Mr Tom Walsh (Chairperson of F.S.C.)

Ms Catherine Murray






Elected Teacher Representatives:

Ms Alex Kingston

Mrs Carmel O Callaghan


Elected Parent Representatives:

Ms Hillary Duggan

Ms Margo O’Leary      

Mr Maurice Dineen


Secretary to the board:

Mr Kevin Barry

To view the section of the Education Act that deals with the functions of the board please click here.