CIT Access

The CIT Access team are committed to widening participation, increasing access and supporting positive educational outcomes for under-represented groups.

Deerpark CBS is part of the Linked Schools Programme and we received a wide range of supports including:

  • Campus visits/CIT school visits
  • Maths and Science Revision days for leaving cert students
  • Study skills workshops for Leaving Cert students
  • Parents workshops/information sessions for parents
  • Science for life programme
  • Access to education, Bridge to Employment programme
  • School completion link programme
  • Graffiti Drama workshops
  • Learning support sessions for schools.

Deerpark CBS is one of the schools which benefits from the CIT Progression Scheme for Leaving Cert students.

Students have to meet the eligibility criteria for the scheme

CIT makes 50 places available for students. Throughout the student’s time in CIT, the Access Service will provide post entry support for the student in the form of college induction, academic supports, educational guidance and financial assistance where possible.

The scheme is of great benefit to our school and our students and it also allows for students to enter courses in CIT with REDUCED POINTS.