Vocabulary Enrichment Programme

Deerpark CBS continues to be innovative in providing support to its students and their parents so as to ensure the best possible outcomes. A recent example of this is the fact that the school has been selected to take part in a new speech and language therapy project by the National Behaviour Support Service (NBSS). The Vocabulary Enrichment Programme is aimed at supporting and developing the language and literacy skills in students that are necessary for them to engage effectively in all aspects of school and home life. As part of this project the school has a speech and language therapist, Ms Emily James from the University of Limerick, linked to our school who works directly with some teachers through a core communication team as well as directly supporting some students and providing some training.  This is just one example of the supports that the school offers to its students.

Another example is that the school is again offering the Parents Plus programme to parents and guardians of its students. This programme has been developed by Dr John Sharry and is aimed at reducing behaviour problems and parental stress. It has been shown to be effective in increasing parental confidence and satisfaction. The programme proved to be quite successful last year when it was offered and a number of parents enquired about a second programme being run in the school. Katie Burns from the School Completion Programme and Emma Tippins, who is the school’s Behaviour for Learning teacher will deliver the programme.

School principal, Kevin Barry, was delighted that the school has such a close working relationship with the School Completion Programme and with the NBSS as this allows for such programmes to be offered to the school. He stated that many students and their parents face challenges in modern society and that Deerpark CBS does whatever it can to help and support people in facing such challenges. Mr Barry wanted, in particular, to express his thanks to Katie Burns and Mick Finn for their work with Deepark CBS, as well as to all the other teachers who work so hard with the students in the school.